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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Can you buy hookah shisha tobacco online in the United State?

Can you buy hookah shisha tobacco online in the United State?

Base on the United States law you can buy just No Nicotine Tobacco on Amazon and some of the online marketplaces but it is not possible to buy regular tobacco for hookah and shisha from online marketplaces. These kinds of online marketplaces do not have an age verification system in their portal. Also, they do not want to take any responsibility for that.


In the United State, a regular website can sell hookah (shish- Waterpipe) tobacco if they have a state license for selling online tobacco products. After place an order just for the first time they need to do the age verification process. There is no age verification for the next order.


Tobacco Online Age Verification
Most of the time is easier to buy online because in some cities smoke shops are far and take time to get there. Shopping online always is a faster and easier way for united stated residence.












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